Friday, October 2, 2015

The DEN has landed

Last evening, I had the distinct pleasure of attending another DEN event.  I wasn't quite a presenter, but I wasn't quite a regular newbie either.  It was interesting to observe the DEN event from the perspective of a future presenter.

Read more on the DEN {here}.

I brought two teachers with me and there were a few dozen educators present.  We did some SOS ideas (Spotlight on Strategies) and watched the DEN video.  It's strange to see some of my friends in the video...definitely a fangirl moment!

There was lots of positive energy and that's my favorite part of the DEN.  Educators are sharing their ideas with one another and celebrating classroom successes.  They are open to new things and sharing their ideas with each other.  Being in the presence of the DEN is such a rejuvenating, energizing experience.

I already have a few other teachers ready to join our next session (Oct 22). 

In a district that is so bogged down by frustrations (seriously, a second insurance hike? A mandatory Saturday session on insurance or they'll drop all dependents? Not okay), it's nice to shake off the negativity and embrace the good things about teaching.

I have a great job.  I have great students.  Some are more challenging than others, but I've truly got the best job in the world.  Being around other teachers that feel the same way is such a fulfilling experience.

It's a shame that my passion and excitement upon leaving DEN events is such a stark contrast to how I feel about a majority of the other professional development situations. 

When was the last time you felt passionate and excited about your career?

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