Friday, October 30, 2015

Game On

One of the amazing aspects of my school is the healthy sense of competition between classrooms.  This past week, to keep our students motivated before a five day weekend (yes, five days), we had a school wide challenge.  In each grade level, the classroom with the highest engage time got to participate in an activity in front of the entire school.

What is this glorious activity you may ask? 

The teacher who has the highest engage time gets a the face...from the student who read the most.  

The pie will be mostly whipped cream and trash bags and goggles are provided, but our students were so incredibly motivated to read.  The idea of smashing a pie in my face is quite thrilling and I personally have never felt more loved by my students.  The idea of public embarrassment is perhaps one of the best motivators for my students.

Unfortunately, a sudden downpour caused our celebration to be postponed.  Over nine hundred students (and their families) were outside, in costumes, when a slight drizzle turned into a sudden rainstorm, drenching everyone.  

The celebration will be in the afternoon on Wednesday, November 4th.  For once, I really, really hope I come in second place.

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