Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I gave in

I gave in.

I tried to avoid the whole I have to go back to work situation by quickly changing the channel whenever back to school ads came on...but I failed.  I gave in.  I was out running errands and I ventured into the dreaded back to school supply aisle.

I bought my classroom supplies today.  I snagged some deals at the Dollar Tree and Target.

New classroom supply buckets:

(Round 2).

I'm hoping the smaller size will mean less mess.  I used these supply buckets last year and well, they didn't work.  So now, round two!  I plan to make cute table cards like these:

I will either color code or number code the supplies, depending on if I can find the appropriate sticker colors.  I'll print the cards, laminate them, and use a hole punch and binder rings to attach the cards to the buckets.

I found this cute chair cover at the Dollar Tree:

I think it's a fun way to add some joy into the classroom and make students feel special on their birthdays.  Plus, it's not related to food, so no need to worry about allergies!

I found this gem in the dollar aisle:

It will be a nice reference for students after I've explicitly taught these roots.

While I love my old classroom sign, 

It's time for a new one.  I haven't decided on what colors or fonts I'll be using so until I make up my mind, this is how it will stay.

I do love dollar tree stationary and will be using this for my classroom welcome letter.

I snagged these and will create a cute "survival" kit for my fifth graders.

I don't have everything fully figured out yet, but something about it's okay to make mistakes because it's proof you're trying and that I hope they sparkle (since the pencils are sparkly).  I'll post the final version once I've made up my mind.

I also stocked up on some new cups, which is one of my favorite classroom management strategies.

My old ones had been through hundreds of students...so it was time for a fresh start.

I found these at Target and think they'll go nicely with the bright colors I've picked out for my classroom decor.

I am excited for decorating my classroom!

Now, it's time to relax and enjoy my last few days before headed back for training.

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