Sunday, August 17, 2014

Classroom 2!

Keys in hand, I'm now a happy resident of room 71.  Perhaps it's silly, but I'm really excited my room not only has a blue stripe at the top (yay color) but also contains windows.  Sometimes it's the little things in life!

My classroom is in no way complete, but here are some snap shots of the work in progress:

Classroom library

I got book bins from a fellow teacher last year and love them!

I'm organizing books into categories, then labeling with twine and paper cards to make it easier for my students:

 However, I still have a long way to go!

I also set up my desk area:

I'm having one of my bulletin board areas be our calendar:

(Stain courtesy of a munchkin's science experiment from last year. I'll be covering it with polka dot border tomorrow.)

One of my goals for this year is to do a better job with vocabulary instruction.  I don't have a traditional (outdated?) word wall, so I'm going to make this vibrant words wall.  Students will put up words on note cards with the definition and examples on the backside.  

I'm going to add "our" in the same pattern as "words" (once I find it) to show my students that it's both interactive and theirs.  Naturally I'll model the first few times to allow for practice time and to clarify my expectations.

It's difficult to see, but the vibrant letters are glittery because why not add that pop of joy?

More pictures to come!  Open house is Friday...I can do this!

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