Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School Sale, Round 2

I didn't sell very many products during TpT's back to school sale (Aug 3-5).  Part of me is really bummed because I spend a lot of my free time reading novels and prepping activities for students.

But then I realized that maybe I didn't do well because of the dates.  See, in Las Vegas, we don't start until the third week of August.  I don't see those munchkins' shiny faces until the 25th.  So perhaps TpT's date was far too early for many of my fellow educators because they're (we're) still in summer mode.

So I'm having my own back to school sale to coincide with my district's start date.

From Aug 22-25, everything in my store will be 10% off.  Happy back to school shopping!

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