Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I'm mentally preparing myself to go back to work. I like to ease into the process so it's not such a rough adjustment.  I bought my school supplies yesterday. I have four days of training next week. I think I'll go back next Friday and make that my first full day in the classroom.

I'm excited for a new group of fifth graders but nervous about starting at a new school.  I'm not nervous per say about the teaching aspect (any more so than normal) but rather about fitting in with the other teachers and knowing how the new school runs.

I'm also trying to adjust my body back to a work-friendly sleep schedule.  I think I've lost the ability to sleep past nine am and am normally up and productive around eight, but that simply won't work with my work schedule.  I'm focusing on getting up at seven this week, then six next week, and five thirty (normal wake up time) the week after.  I plan to be at work by 6:30 every day (a good two hours before start time) to get everything prepped.  I'd rather get there early and leave about twenty minutes after the kids do then stay late each night.  Last year, I'd do both: get there early and stay late.  That with a thirty minute commute each way simply wasn't good for my sanity.  So I've decided I'll go in early, do some grading at home, and leave by four.  I'm focusing more on a life-work-fun balance this year!  After all, happy teacher leads to happy students, right?

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