Friday, January 1, 2016

Revisiting Goals

As I {previously shared}, I thoroughly enjoy winter break.  It's a much needed time to decompress, reflect, and make a plan to move forward.

Let's see what was accomplished:

1) Had Christmas celebrations with both families.
2) Got the ice maker fixed, free of charge.  I had to use my teacher voice, but there's no reason an 18 month old major appliance should break.  I firmly reminded them of that.
3) We made it to and from Arizona, with all three pets, safely.

As for the rest of my goals:

1) Finish this season of Once Upon a Time on Netflix.  It's season...4?  I'm making steady progress.
I have two episodes left, so I'm counting this as done.
2) Grade these student essays (at Panera, because I'm not above bribing myself).  We use a rubric sheet and four students didn't turn in their rubric, so I'm not grading theirs until I return to work.  As an added bonus, all of our passwords for AD (active directory) expired over break, and you can only change your password from a district I can't input grades anyway.  That will contribute to a rather frazzled first Monday back, which was what I was aiming to avoid.

3) Spend time coloring.  Yes, I bought a Harry Potter coloring book. I'm going to snuggle up in blankets and colorNot as much time as I'd like, but that's okay.  It's definitely a calming experience when the pets aren't trying to eat the colored pencils that I'm using.

4) Get to the bank.  I rolled up a bunch of change we had and should deposit it. Check.

5) Spend an entire day reading in my pajamas. Check.

6) Have my best friend meet Waffles. Check.  Poor Waffles was terrified by their family dogs, but warmed up...kind the end.

7) Do a tiny bit of work to be prepared for the first day back.  It's a necessary task to avoid panic attacksCheck...ish.  It's what I'm working on for the next few days.  I'll be alternating laundry, cleaning, taking down Christmas decor, and getting ahead on work.

8) See Star Wars, but when he's not on call. Check! We saw it with my mom and all went out to eat afterward. 

What are your goals for winter break? For once, I accomplished all of mine!

As for those December Goals...they're still a work in progress!

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