Saturday, January 23, 2016

Conquering the Wedding, one task at a time!

For one, I am absolutely loving having a long engagement.  There's no pressure on things!

Last weekend I found THE DRESS and even though it won't arrive for months, there's still plenty of time for alterations (which means plenty of time to tone my arms and back!).  

We decided on favors and I was able to find part of it for super cheap on Etsy.  By super cheap, I mean half of what it would cost at Michael's (and I didn't have to get dressed).  We don't have our favor idea 100% finalized, but I have months to play with it.  I'm not worried.  Once I finalize the design, I anticipate a wine and craft night with my girls.

I've got a solid idea on what to do for favors, found some gorgeous thank you cards, and am enjoying getting to savor planning.

Up next?

I'll be painting our guest book.

Yes, painting.  I picked up two large S wood signs to serve as the guest book (and one in photos).  We'll be using it in our engagement and wedding photos, so we need one to serve as the guestbook as well. 

It will be gold with a bronze edge (to make it look vintage).  Guests will be signing with black sharpies.  It will hang as a focal piece in our gallery wall.

Second task?

Photobooth scrapbook.

We are doing a photobooth and they print and assemble the scrapbook.  However, I didn't necessarily trust their ideas of customization, so I awkwardly asked for my scrapbook early to decorate the background pages, then will give it back to them before the wedding.

Amazingly, they said yes and reassured me I wasn't the first bride to want to do this.  It will be a white album with gold and black embellishments (a timeless look).  I'll be doing background ideas, then adding more embellishments after the pictures are glued in.  I'll possibility meet with the photobooth attendants before the wedding and just make sure we are on the same page in terms of my scrapbook hopes.



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