Sunday, January 31, 2016

Goal Setting, Revisited

Here we are, 31/366 days into 2016.  How are you doing on your personal goals for the year?

I was recently asked about my goals and vision for 2016, so I decided to get crafty because I'm a visual (messy) person. 

So here goes:

1) Grow my small businesses ({TpT}, {Jamberry}, and {Younique}).  However, I want to do so in a way that feels authentic and genuine, and that means not morphing into one of those super naggy people.  (Unless you're a student with an overdue form...then I shall nag away.  Daily.)  I just get really excited about things and want others to be excited with me.

2) Get married without spending all my money on Etsy, being a bridezilla, and scaring B with the copious amounts of glitter.  I did hide my Joann's bag from him because I don't want him to see all the wedding decor...and glitter.  That poor man.

3)  Strive for this work-life-nap balance.

4) Continue having adventures with B, the fur babies, friends, and family.

5) Find joy in the classroom.  Every day.  Even when they are hormonal, puberty-stricken, hot messes.  I love them. I just don't like each one of them at every given moment.

6) Continue to cultivate loving, healthy friendships where we inspire and support one another.

What are your goals for 2016?


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