Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Break Goals

I'm really excited it's winter break (said every teacher, everywhere).

Today we're doing Christmas celebrations with his family, tomorrow a repair man is coming to fix the ice maker, and once B's off call from work, we're driving to see my family.  This will be the first time that all three pets accompany us in the truck, so positive thoughts people!

However, I'm a list-making and goal-oriented kind of gal, so here are my goals for break:

But seriously,

1) Finish this season of Once Upon a Time on Netflix.  It's season...4?  I'm making steady progress.

2) Grade these student essays (at Panera, because I'm not above bribing myself).

3) Spend time coloring.  Yes, I bought a Harry Potter coloring book. I'm going to snuggle up in blankets and color.

4) Get to the bank.  I rolled up a bunch of change we had and should deposit it.  

5) Spend an entire day reading in my pajamas.

6) Have my best friend meet Waffles.  Who wouldn't love this face?  (That's her spider toy she five thirty in the morning.)

7) Do a tiny bit of work to be prepared for the first day back.  It's a necessary task to avoid panic attacks.

8) See Star Wars, but when he's not on call.  He just sat down to play video games and now has to leave for a few hours.  I appreciate his sacrifices to help make extra money for wedding expenses, but it's unfortunate that it's right around the holidays.

What are your goals for winter break? 

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