Friday, December 4, 2015

Fire Drills

I have no issue with the rehearsal of fire drills.  I appreciate that we practice them consistently on a monthly basis.  Our school is about half a mile away from a fire station and the firemen usually bring the fire truck down for school carnivals and let the kids take a tour.  They also get red plastic hats and stickers, which is adorable.

But must the fire drills happen during my prep every single time?   

Yes, every fire drill for the past two years has been during my prep period.  Which means the sacred forty-five minutes of planning time I get is cut in half on a regular basis.  I sweep the pod. I help the screaming kinders outside while reminding them to walk. I go find my class, double check the student count, then hold up the correct colored sign (green or red).  Yesterday, it was ridiculously cold and windy, so that made the task extra unpleasant.

I just want to ask the firemen to come at a time that doesn't fall between 9:15 and ten am.  Just one time.  Let another grade level make the time sacrifice...just once.  Please? Pretty please?

(We did casually and grumpily mention this to our administration, so hopefully the next ones will be at more random times throughout the day.)

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