Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bridal Updates wedding is now officially less than a year away!

Let's zoom in on some updates:

1) Our custom jerseys are here!

We're doing a football themed engagement shoot (for part of it, anyway).  Our wedding date is 11/11, so I ordered a Cardinals jersey for me and a Broncos jersey for him. They have our first names on the back.  And...I got them online on Cyber Monday, so they were 20% off.  Thanks NFL shop!

These jerseys are our Christmas gifts to one another.  However, since I was working late (parent-teacher conferences), he intercepted the box.  Not only did he open it, but he tried on his jersey and sent me selfies.  Thanks B!

2) I made table numbers:

The frames are from Joann's and I've been buying them slowly with coupons.  I made up to #12, but I may need one more set just to be sure.  We haven't decided if we're doing tables of 8 or 10. 

I've also got a plan for reusing the frames after the wedding!
3) I went dress shopping.

I didn't find the one.  There were some I liked, but none I absolutely loved.  My future MIL went with me, along with three of my maids and our officiant.  We had lunch first and went to two stores, so we made an afternoon of it.   I've got another appointment next Sunday with my mom, my MOH, and a bridesmaid.  I did make some decisions though:
  • I will be wearing ivory, not white.  It was much softer looking on my skin.
  • I will not be wearing peep toed shoes.  My feet hurt after just two hours, so that's a no no.
  • I liked a sparkly tiara/headband situation.  No one should be surprised that I gravitated toward sparkly items.
  • I have a general idea about the shape.  It will most likely be a strapless, sweetheart neckline on an A-line or ball gown shape.  No mermaid cut for me! 

I also decided on the color for the gals at David's Bridal.  They're wearing marine:

It's pretty close to this, except the dresses will be floor length and the flowers will be pale and medium shades of pink.    

I originally wanted pale pink dresses, but my lovely officiant (and life guru) pointed out that the maids would look naked because they all have light skin tones. it is!  I still get the pops of pink with flowers and darker colors tend to be more slimming.

The boys will be in gray with navy and blush ties.  My original idea of suspenders isn't an option because Mens Warehouse only has three (kind of boring) shades.  I didn't think the groomsmen would like suspenders as their gift, so we scrapped that idea. Oh well! They'll still look snazzy.

I will admit, I had to go a little...

on the saleswoman at David's Bridal.   She was insistent that my bridesmaids did not have a lot of time and needed to purchase their dresses that day.  We have almost a year, so she needed to calm down.  She also demanded that I must narrow down the fabric choices to only one option or my pictures will be forever ruined.  I reminded her that I was the bride and that I wanted my girls to be comfortable.  They can pick chiffon or mesh, whichever they'd like.  As long as they're in marine, it's floor length, and they feel gorgeous, I'm happy.   She was not pleased with my answers, but it's my day.  I won't be bullied into making any decisions so quickly.

Four of the gals found their dresses, two of them are matching.  The one shouldered look was gorgeous on both of them, so I'm totally fine if they match.  Another picked a different dress with a pretty neckline.  I'm thinking they'll have matching earrings (from me) and no one will have to worry about a necklace.  

Marlene, our officiant, is going with a pewter dress with a marine sash.  This way, she'll match both sides of the wedding.  She made the suggestion and I'm all for it!

4) We bought his wedding band. 

He picked it out (as he should) and it was a quick and easy decision.  He's more excited about his jersey (see #1) than this band, but that's okay.  He plans to have a wedding band tattooed on, since he works with his hands and outdoors.  He picked out a nice band that he'll wear on special occasionsWe took advantage of a $100 off coupon and opened a card to buy his band.  I've already paid it off and it's sitting nicely in a box in the closet...right next to my wedding band.  Mine is definitely the prettier of the two!

That's it in terms of wedding plans.  Family pictures are happening next month (our Christmas gift to his parents), engagement pictures will happen soon, and we're hoping to send out save the dates around Easter.  

 I think my only true crazy bride moment has been with the pushy sales people. I'm loving this planning period and am thankful I have other type A people who offer practical, sound advice.  Thanks girls!


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