Friday, December 4, 2015

Bring back the joy

One of my favorite parts about the post-DEN event bliss is the rejuvenated, optimistic, joyful attitude I have toward teaching.  

Today we're trying something new.  We're doing our first SKYPE call of the year to Ms. G in Ohio.  Mrs. H and I tested it yesterday and after forty minutes, four adults, four devices, and a bit of a headache, we got it to work.

(Our desktop doesn't have a web cam.  There's not a webcam we could use.  So we could see and hear her, but would type back our responses.  We then tried the iPad, but didn't have the iTunes store password, so had to bring in a fourth person for that top secret information.  I'm a proud Android user, but Mrs. H has an iPhone, so Facetime was our plan B for the day.  Luckily we got Skype to work on the iPad and will be using the projector to display the image on the smartboard.  Oh technology!)

There's a LOT to be frustrated by with education right now.  But I've vented enough, so it's time to spread some joy.

I'm really excited about trying something new. I'm excited my kids will have the chance to use technology in a powerful way to connect with people in another part of the country.

What's something new you're trying with your students?

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