Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week Six updates

It's almost the end of week six and my oh my, has it been a roller coaster of a week!

Here is our new accountable talk poster to guide student conversations:

I love that I could color code it :)

We've been working on strong leads and revising our first pieces with the Being a Writer unit.

I modeled using a strong lead to "hook" your readers:

(My story is about my history with doing martial arts and the multiple lessons I've learned along the way.  This particular piece that I used to model adding sensory details and voice to your writing)

We co-created an anchor chart on sentence starters to help students "hook" their readers :)

We also used one of our new centers from donorschoose during our intervention block:

We are working on context clues.  Students worked in their table teams to come up with the definition of the unknown words by using strategies.  They actually did awesome with this activity, which was great to see!

This activity will become one of our centers during small groups next week.

Speaking of centers, we used this one today in science:

Students had to sort different scenarios into the following categories: erosion, deposition and weathering.  They did a great job with it! 

(This center is a free download from TpT, created by Laura Candler.  It's awesome, there is an included answer key and you should grab it too!)

Happy pre-Friday!

-Ms. Vice

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