Sunday, October 6, 2013

#61 en-, em-, -tion "build a word" on TpT

Today I posted product #61 on TpT!  

It's a word building activity (named build a word) for en-, em- and -tion affixes.  

In this 28 page center, students will independently or collaboratively build multi-syllabic words using syllable cards and these affixes.  They can record their answers on the provided answer sheets or in their interactive notebooks.  

I know my students do really great at these stations and love playing "word detective" or "word builder". 

Utilizing affixes and roots is part of the Common Core State Standards (RF 5.3a for fifth grade) and I am impressed with what a difference 5-10 minutes of word work a day can  make with my ELL students!

Hopefully your students love this center as much as mine do!

(More stations to come with this same format!)

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