Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New TpT products: figurative language and multiplication

In school, we've been working on figurative language during the intervention portion of the day.

To help my students, I created the following centers:

This one is a sort for similes and metaphors.  Students work together to separate phrases into similes or metaphors.  There are 26 examples and students can check their work with the included answer key!

This one is idioms concentration where students have to match the common idiom with its figurative meaning.  AT 33 pages, it's quite a steal!

This final one is a 33 page math center where students must match the multiplication problem with the strategy they'd use to solve that problem.  The focus is not on the product but rather the strategies to get the answer.  Some problems can be solved mentally, some with landmark or friendly numbers, some with estimation and some with traditional algorithm, lattice or box methods. The problems lend themselves to some great discourse and discussions with students.

I hope your students enjoy as much as mine do!

-Ms. Vice

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