Monday, October 14, 2013

Anchor Charts Updates

It's Monday and my to grade pile is looming at a good three inches high.  We had our first unit test for reading last week and well at 8 pages per test and close to eighty exams to grade...I'm happily procrastinating with blogging :)

Here are some updated anchor charts from my classroom:

Our writing ideas poster:

This goes along with Being a Writer. My students are absolutely loving writing time.  There is so much freedom during the first unit and my students are feeling like real writers.

Here is our finalized verbs chart:

They're still working on linking verbs but have a good grasp on helping verbs!

Here is another chart for our small group reading notebooks:

It's helpful to have one place to remind students of my expectations for them.

Lastly, I decided to show some collegiate love for my undergraduate alma mater, Arizona State University:

(yes, there's also a Deathly Hallows icon in the window).

Our school is rather close to UNLV, where I earned my masters, so there is a lot of hype surrounding the Rebels.  To balance this out, I wanted to have some ASU love too :)

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