Saturday, October 26, 2013

Harry Potter character sort

I'm pleased to announce my Harry Potter character sort is now up on TpT!

Coming in at thirty five pages (yikes!), it's easily one of my largest sorts.  I made this center for all seven novels and included an "I don't know yet" section for students so the center can be used at any point in their magical adventure at Hogwarts.

I took past feedback into consideration and fit six descriptive words on each page rather than just 2 or 4, so you can save paper when downloading!

Teacher and student instructions are included :)

Snapshots of the product: (since TpT's are a little hard to see at times)

Cover: (don't worry, the border goes all the way around)



I intentionally made the cards similar in verbage so students would really have to pay attention to details!

Can you figure out who the cards are about?  Answers below!

Studies magic in secret: Harry (when at the Dursleys)
Has an invisibility cloak: Harry
Had an invisibility cloak: James Potter OR Professor Dumbledore
Discovers Fluffy: Ron OR Harry
Inherits the map: Harry (from the Weasleys)
Stole the map: Mad Eye (stole it from Harry so Snape wouldn't get it) OR the twins (from the filing cabinet)

Happy reading!

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