Monday, August 15, 2016

Fall into...well, fall

First, I am fully aware that it's still uncomfortably hot here in Nevada.  I know we are still in the middle of summer...

But I decorated for fall anyway!

Second, I'm aware this is not socially appropriate until after Labor Day...if not later.  However, I know that back to school time gets crazy busy and I wanted a jump start on making things cute.

Third, I'm aware we don't truly experience fall like the rest of the country.  There are a few trees that have changing leaves and then lose their December.   Perhaps this is why I love fall so much...because I don't get to experience it.  However, the colors look great on both me and in my home, so I cherish this "fall" season as long as possible.

Fourth, I've been stuck at home for a week.  I've left the house twice since surgery (for the doctor and to retrieve my car).  I got bored and wanted to redecorate (because that was free and kept me from online shopping).  I wanted to be surrounded by pretty things and for me, that means fall decor.

Fifth, I picked up some cute things at Kirkland's a few weeks ago and I wanted to display them.

Sixth, I don't fit the stereotypical "white girls love fall" mold. I don't like pumpkin flavored anything, thank you very much. I don't like carving pumpkins. I don't like pumpkin foods. I just like to look at them...preferably fake ones.

Seventh...I was home alone and no one could judge!

I like decorating for seasons and holidays.  I grew up watching my mom decorate and I wanted to be like her.  I have crates in the garage, sorted by event. I'm not ashamed of it.  I like nesting and creating a calm, welcoming, loving home environment.  

After moving to Las Vegas right out of college at 21, I wanted to desperately feel like a grown up.  For me, that meant slowly stocking up on home decor and kitchen appliances.  I wasn't into the partying and club scene, so instead of spending my paychecks on overpriced drinks and shoes, I bought holiday decor (but slowly and on clearance because that's how I roll).  Now?  I'm pretty much set.  (Although that did make registering for our wedding a bit difficult.)

So now, without further ado, here are some home snap shots:

This will adorn our table...

 (Pumpkin from Marshall's, table cloths and table runners from Kohl's)

but I'm still enjoying our new decor from my bridal shower:

Thanks gals! I have the best of friends.

I swapped out a red candle for a white one, but didn't quite love the look.

Until I added a strip of burlap!

(Not wanting to commit, I used a paperclip to hold the burlap around the candle.  The candle is normally displayed with five other white ones on a candelabra, so gluing wasn't an option.) 

I added a few pumpkins around pictures and the bookcase,

 (Of course it's burlap and polka dotted!)

But kept any with faces away until October.  I'm okay with pumpkins, but not Halloween decor.  That's apparently where I draw the line!

I have a small lantern that I decorate (leaves, ornaments, etc):

But switched things up and added a larger lantern as well:

I picked this beauty up for half-off at Target because it's slightly dented at the top.  Normally this sits in our bedroom and is filled with neutral vase fillers, but I wanted to bring a bit of silver into the decorating mix.

I do love our new fall banner (from Kirkland's):

It's glittery, it's polka dotted, it's burlap, it's like it was made just for me!

Plus it goes great with this gem on our pantry door:

(We do love our football!)

I'm hesitant to hang this outside until we get a new security door, but I couldn't pass this up!

As you can tell, I didn't go overboard and crazy with the decor.  I just want subtle fall accents to make our house feel like a home.

Happy fall y'all! 

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