Friday, August 12, 2016

90-ish Days and Counting

I only just realized my wedding is exactly three months away!  Between the frustration with my car and my {surgery}, I kind of put my wedding planning on the back burner.

Let's check in on how operation #sommasquad is going, shall we? 

The Dress

I had my dress fitting last weekend.  I'm getting it hemmed, taken in, and adding a bustle.  I borrowed the petticoat from my boss to make the dress a tiny bit poofier.  I once again avoided being pressured into a veil (it's just not my thing).  My shoes are perfect and I go back in a few weeks to try it on again. 

I'm continuing with arm work outs to tone my upper back and arms, since that's what will show with my gown.  

My Bridesmaids

They all have their dresses and I think they've all got a plan to get them altered.  I need to check in with a few of them about their plans.  I also touched base with them on shoes today.  Quite frankly, they're the ones wearing them.  If they want to wear navy ones, great.  If they want to wear nude ones, great.  I'm just concerned that they're comfortable because it'll be a long day.  Plus everyone has floor length gowns, so the shoes truly won't show.

Rehearsal Dinner

I've got to call a few places to figure out what will be the cheapest option for 30-ish people for Mexican food.  Since we've got an Italian option at the wedding, I pulled the bride card and requested Mexican.  If we really can't find a good deal, we'll switch to Italian because that's always a solid choice.

Hotels & Stuff

I've sent confirmation emails to Sam's Town & the East Side Cannery to make sure our {codes} are still good to go.  I also emailed about adding an extra room at the Cannery on the 10th and 11th for the groomsmen to get ready in.  We'll let his best man James have the hotel on the wedding night so it doesn't go to waste.

I've got to figure out the transportation from the venue back to our hotel, but we've got some leads.

Apparently my mother is hosting an after party with my family at our house after the wedding (?).  Have fun!

The After Party

We'd like to see all of our family and bridal party (especially those out of staters) on Sunday morning for a champagne farewell brunch.  Please try to book flights out for later in the afternoon on Sunday if possible!


 We've got to wait until next month to order the groomsmen gifts (nose surgery, dress alterations, back to school supplies, and the car accident really adds up!).  I'm waiting for him to go to work so I can check the size on something and order his grooms gift.  

A friend sent me {this tutorial video} to make a shadow box:

And I think I might do that!  

We still have to finalize our honeymoon (waiting on him to know his graduation date!) but it's going to be somewhere tropical.

I did already order our newlywed thank you's and they're adorable! I'm a sucker for pretty stationary and I'm not ashamed of it!


I'm still waiting for pictures back so we haven't finalized our invitations.  I did however look at stamps and my oh my, there are some interesting options:

(Not pictured? Tomatoes and an Indiana stamp) 

Unfortunately, we'll be boring and go with heart ones.  


I think we're good? I emailed the florist again to see if there's anything else I need to do or decide on.  We had a good meeting a few months ago but I just wanted to touch base with the vendors.


We've already received a duplicate of a gift (oops) and added a few more things to our Target registry.  We know it's not traditional, but we are hoping many of our guests do a monetary gift to help pay for a new security door, a new bed, new carpet and tile flooring, my nasal surgery, and the honeymoon. 

I'm hoping to head down to see family over Labor Day and then will work with my brother on our sibling dance.  Other than that, I think we're in pretty good shape for the wedding!


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