Monday, August 1, 2016

All About August

I'm cautiously optimistic about this month.  Summer has been a little rough emotionally, but I'm feeling that things are falling into place.  Perhaps I'm still on a high from being spoiled with love at my bridal shower (more on that later), but I'm hoping this feeling lasts.

After a sparse social calendar for the last few months, this week is packed full of activities.  Today brings a Starbucks date with a friend, meeting my new principal (and bringing her Starbucks because I'm not above bribery to make a good first impression), and seeing a friend's new home (and delivering her wedding gift because I was unable to make it to her June wedding in Ohio).  Tomorrow brings another Starbucks date (thank goodness I have gift cards), a planning session, and the gym.  Wednesday includes a lunch date, a make up deal, and outlet shopping.  Thursday is another meet and greet with the new principal, followed by pre op blood work and paperwork.  Friday brings a brunch date ({Crepe Expectations} is phenomenal), visiting a friend, and minor league baseball game.  Saturday is his company picnic and Sunday is my dress fitting.  I already need a nap just thinking about it!

However, then next week things will change.  I'm scheduled for surgery on Monday and then begin the healing process.  I'll make a cozy nest on the couch surrounded by books and drinks, then hunker down to let my nose heal before the chaos of a new school year begins.

First, I will finish all of my bridal thank you's in a timely manner.  


I'm about half done with my thank you's and considering the shower was Saturday, I'm feeling super confident!   I had trouble sleeping yesterday, so I channeled that into productivity.

Second, I will be more consistent with my fitbit.
I really, really fell off the band wagon this summer.  I knew I was being lazy, so I wouldn't wear it so I didn't feel guilty about my lack of steps.  It's time to change that.  My lovely hubby to be is syncing it with my new phone right now.

Third, I will finally finish (and start) Wonder.

I've heard great things about this novel, so I'm not sure why I'm having trouble getting into the story.  

Fourth, this: 

I've waited a long time for this.  I will savor this.

Fifth, I will make my future MIL's front door wreath.  Her birthday is at the end of the month but I'd like to have it finished by early next week.

Sixth, I'll undergo sinus corrective surgery.  While everything is not 100% finalized, I'm going in for blood work on the 4th and surgery on the 8th.  Healing is a gross process but I've heard from multiple sources that I'll feel so much better.  

Seventh, I'll set up my classroom.  My cozy classroom was used for both summer school and was painted, meaning that most of my teaching things are currently residing in the garage.   I think I'm free to go back in on the 17th.  I'll be taking it easy (since I'll be at the tail end of the recovery), so once again I'm grateful that school is ten minutes away.  (Also, I think the air is still on summer schedule which means it is turned off at 1 pm, which limits my work time each day--a good thing!)

Eighth, I won't go crazy with purchasing classroom supplies.  We were required to post our class supply lists before checking out in June, so I'm hopeful for some generous parents who want to send an extra pack of markers to fill supply tubs.  

Ninth, I'll continue to plan ahead for meals and work on preparing them ahead of time.  I've got two cute lunch bags so there's really no excuse.

Tenth, I'll finish the rest of the wedding prep.  I've got groomsmens gifts to order, invites to finalize and mail out, and a few other tasks.  Nothing major, just a lot of loose ends to wrap up before the school year starts.

Eleventh, I will get my first week(s) of school lesson plans done before the weekend when school starts! I would rather work a little bit each day and ease into the school year than procrastinate and spend an entire weekend getting prepared.  I realize some of my teacher friends feel the exact opposite and that's okay.  I want to minimize my stress this year.

Perhaps it's because it's the first of the month and that makes me optimistic, but I'm excited for August. I'm hopeful that good things will be happening all month long!

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