Sunday, August 14, 2016


Sleeping on the couch for the past week (post surgery) has thrown my already off schedule into almost complete disarray.  Add in the frequent naps (again, part of the healing process) and I seem to lack any desire to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I'm aware this will need to change (and quickly), but for now, I'm channeling my unconventional sleeping patterns into productive tasks.

For example, tonight I:

1) Wrote a new grant proposal for donor's choose.  You can donate {here}.  I'm asking for bean bag chairs and other flexible seating options for my classroom. 

2) Continued to clean out and organize the pantry.  I also cleaned out the fridge.  However, I'm only able to lift things under ten pounds, so it was not a long cleaning session.

3) Stumbled upon this gem:

4) Finished all the mandatory training videos! (insert the praise hands emoji here!) 

5) Made a new sale on {TpT}.  This past month has been really expensive, so if people could download items from my store...that'd be great.

6) Made a to do list for tomorrow.  I've got a planning session (we're going to try to hammer out the first six weeks) and going to the grocery store when he gets home from work.  I'm also planning on a nap because I'm thinking all the planning will wear out my brain. 

Me: 1, Insomnia: 0


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