Monday, August 1, 2016


Even though we don't go back for a few more weeks, I acknowledge that the start of August means it's time for back to school.

For me, that means a tango between actively avoiding those aisles at Target...

...and gleefully couponing/cartwheeling to stock my classroom.  I am super excited that I picked up some new gray bins and polka dot fabric for a bulletin board (no one should be surprised that polka dots are involved!) for a super sale price.
 The bins were on sale and significantly cheaper than Target's price.  The fabric was on sale.  If I spent $40, I got $5 back on Ibotta (join my saving adventure with code uvnspet).  But when I got to the counter, I joyfully discovered that my entire purchase was an additional 25% off as a teacher appreciation day sale.

Naturally, that had me like:

 But I was in public, so the excitement had to be kept to a socially acceptable level.

I'm trying a lot of new things in the classroom this year.  We're doing a lot of integration and emphasizing technology, history, and critical thinking.  We're being more creative and that excites me because I function well with freedom.

I'll have the GATE kids, so the fluidity between subjects will be a nice structure for my outside of the box thinkers.   

After a few rough years, I'm optimistic that this year (#8!) will be my best year ever.

With that theme, I'd like to share that it's the annual TpT back to school sale:

And my {entire store} is 20% off for the next few days.  Happy shopping!

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