Sunday, August 7, 2016

Checking In

August is off to a bit of a rocky start.  The police report from last month's hit and run indicated that it was a Penske truck, not a Ryder one.  The Ryder representative was extremely helpful and polite throughout the ordeal, but now I have to start another claim with Penske. 

I know it's a long shot, but it's worth pursuing.  I called the hotline and did not speak with the most helpful representative.  She wasn't grasping that I don't have the driver's information, plates, or vin number because it was a hit and run.  Eventually she just gave me the email address to start a claim online so I could send in the police report (which I did).  To no one's surprise, I haven't heard back from them (not even a thank you for reporting this, here's your claim number email).  So,I'll begin emailing them again next week to start.

I still don't have my car back from Chevy.  I also got to visit Enterprise and pick up updated tags.  My own car's registration and smog check is due later this month, so it'd be great to get my car back next week.

This week's social calendar was quite full!  Here are some highlights:

Crepe Expectations

This charming family owned restaurant in the heart of Henderson is one of my favorite breakfast spots!  I met up with two gal pals who were unable to attend last week's bridal shower and they treated me to breakfast.  I never say no to mimosas and crepes!

B's Company Picnic

We took Waffles and she had a blast at the splash pad! Technically it's for children...but since she's well behaved and didn't go to the bathroom in the water, no one minded.  I got to spend the day with my good friend Stephanie, so that's always a plus!

Speaking of our pup, she got a new toy!

She did manage to damage it several minutes later, so now it's in the never ending repair pile.

I also had a really productive meeting with my new and old admin team about our time frame for rolling out professional development on close reads. 

I finished my future MIL's birthday wreath:

Her birthday falls two days after mine (at the end of the month) and I wanted to make sure I got it done before the chaos of the new school year. I used a new type of burlap this time (not wired, looser material) and it's not my favorite.  The S is glued on, but since it's a larger one, I also used floral wire to attach it in several key spots.  I then painted over the black floral wire so it would blend in with the S.  My favorite part is that the flowers are just attached via clips so she can change them out seasonally.  She wanted a wreath for fall and winter, but it's a little difficult to capture both.  I went with a solid deep red and a soft white to compliment their front door. I'm sure I can find some pine cones in a few months to make this appear more "winter-y".  She gets it on Monday and I hope she likes it!

Not pictured highlights?

I had another super productive planning session with Mrs. H.  We've got another time next week to start picking specific passages to go along with our standards.  Ms. P (wait, she got married, Mrs. H #2) is joining us because it's her first week with students.  She joined our staff last year in the middle of the year, so she's eager to plan her first weeks with students.  I don't know if I'll have any SPED students this year, but I still look forward to collaborating with her in grade level meetings!

Mrs. H (#2) and I also had a Starbucks gal pal catch up because she was camping with her new hubby during my bridal shower.  She got me the most adorable table runner and place mats while I got to hear all about her fabulous honeymoon to Hawaii.  She's adjusting well to married life and so happy, which makes me happy for her.

We enjoyed the 51s game with several of my coworkers.  I wasn't aware there was a fireworks presentation after, so that added an extra dose of excitement to the evening.

Our officiant got her marriage forms, so she can legally marry us in 96 days (not that I'm counting or anything like that...)

I got to see Mrs. K, who just moved back to the neighborhood with her new hubby.  They're still unpacking and getting settled, but I am very excited to help them decorate and organize when the time is right.  (As much as I'd like to do it now, I realize it's impractical if they're still opening boxes.)  She's also in the process of setting up her new classroom and posted this shot of her bulletin board yesterday:

She's a lady after my own heart with all the polka dots!

I finally picked up my under the wedding dress shape wear garments.  Even better? I snagged them for half off!  Hooray for the outlet mall!  I've got them all set for today's bridal fitting (which is followed by lunch with a friend, so winning all around!)

I got a new ID badge and the picture is halfway decent.  I however will need a new one in a few months and this badge was more for the teacher discounts rather than actually wearing it at my school site.  Although with a new principal, I'm not quite sure how strict she'll be with the whole badge situation.

 A former colleague started her {own store} on TpT and I've been able to share some helpful hints.  She's got some super cute products up and is definitely one to follow (especially if you teach primary)! 

However, this week has also been a bit rough:

I had blood work and paid my hospital co-pay ($400, yikes!).  I still have a few more videos to watch before my surgery on Monday.  B's mom had the day off of work and will be with me at the hospital.  It's a one day procedure, but since I'll be under anesthesia, I need someone to drive me home.  I have to be at the hospital (that's on the other side of town) at 6 am for a 7 am procedure, so she's spending the night tonight to make the process easier. I'm having a septoplasty to fix my deviated septum:

Nifty, right? I've heard the healing process is painful so I guess I'm super grateful that I've got lots of close friends who are promising to bring over soup and smoothies.  I'm hopeful this will reduce or eliminate my chronic sinus problems and that I'll be able to breathe normally.

I also had to come to the realization that I have to go back to work and this means beginning to lesson plan.  I busted out some large chart paper and started making a list of all the things to do during the first week.  Once it's completed (and discussed at Tuesday's planning session), I'll post a picture!

Frustrations with other people aside (because I don't believe in airing dirty laundry on social media), I also had the added excitement of once again calling poison control because of Waffles.

A few weeks ago, she ate an eye drops bottle.  The bottle was a sample size (2 mL) and mostly empty, so it didn't really impact her.  She was more interested in chewing the lid.

This week? She helped herself to B's (brand new) stick of deodorant.  Again, it was spit out on the carpet and the chew marks were on the lid.  The deodorant was left on the bathroom counter, which must mean one of the cats knocked it off for her.  The three of them are in kahoots to drive me bonkers!  Luckily, she didn't ingest much (if any) and wasn't exhibiting any medical signs of poisoning.  She actually looked quite pleased with herself...again.

However, it's really, really hard to stay mad at this face:

Yes, that is her pink stuffed unicorn and yes, she does cuddle it.  I often wake up to her and toys in bed with me.  I guess it's good practice for motherhood in a few years?

I also started my back to school teacher training videos.  

Yup, we're expected to watch these and no, we aren't given contract time (paid time) to do so.

What I've done:

...and what I have left:

While the content hasn't changed, the format of the videos have.  I can no longer press play and walk away.  No, I must click the next button every minute or so.  The system also logs me out if I've been idle for too long.  Alas, this will be the next week of my life.

Up next for August?  In addition to having my septum straightened and finishing those required videos, I'll be finalizing decorating for fall and ordering the groomsmen gifts.  Yes, I know it's ridiculously early, but fall is my favorite season and I want to enjoy the pumpkins for as long as possible. 

I've got two more thank you's to write and I'm done with my bridal shower ones!  (Until my work bridal shower in October).

Naturally, I have help and yes, it's going quite well as you can tell:

Chloe is just upset that I took a pen away from her.  I know, meanest pet mom ever. 

I also should be getting copies of both engagement pictures (round 2) and my bridal shower this week.  

 I also ordered this month's {Younique kudos}:

I'm super excited for the light pink splurge shade!  Plus Younique has teamed up with {defend innocence}.

I'll also be setting up my classroom (with B's help because I'm not allowed to lift anything heavy or bend over for weeks after surgery).  I'm excited for the new year and want to get back in my classroom so I can get everything ready.  B's excited because we'll have our garage back!

Most importantly?

I will get in all the naps I can!

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