Monday, August 1, 2016

That was not the plan

With less than an hour left in July, I figured it was time to check in on how I did on my {July Goals}.

I'll be honest, the end of July did not go as planned.

My car was in an accident while I was grocery shopping.  I left it in a parking spot, went inside Target to pick up some items, and when I came out an hour later, my car was in pieces.  

Both the Henderson police and Target security officers were helpful, but the security footage showed it was a Ryder truck.  The driver side swiped my car, leaving my bumper hanging off my vehicle and simply drove away.  I used a lot of four letter words towards that person and quite frankly, I hope karma catches up.  That wasn't cool.

I have a rental for the next week.  My car was not drive-able and while it doesn't count against me for insurance rates (you know, because I wasn't even in the vehicle and it was parked in a legal parking spot), I'm left with the deductible.  

I called Ryder and filed a claim.  It's a bit of a long shot, but it was there vehicle that caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to mine.  They were supposed to call a few days ago with an update, but didn't, so that's on tomorrow's to do list.  Fingers crossed they pick up the tab and can track down the jerk who did it!

(After grappling with this for the past week, I'll share that I'm glad I was not in the car and was not injured.  I'm glad the Henderson police responded promptly and the officer was quite kind.  I sent a thank you message (on social media) and got a response from their department.  It's not a secret the police have a thankless job at times and if I ever need them again, I hope to have another caring officer.  I'm glad my insurance agents were so helpful at getting the issue resolved.  The accident happened between 3 and 4 pm, so I got to their office at 4:40 (my State Farm office is a few stores down from Target).  I had an 8:30 am appointment at Chevy the next morning and was home by 9:30 (kudos to Enterprise and Chevy for their prompt service).  State Farm also called that afternoon to make sure everything went okay with getting a rental and to see how I was doing.  Again, this could have all been a lot worse and I'm glad to have lots of people in my corner.  A stranger comforted me in the parking lot after I found my car in pieces.  Bless her.  B came to comfort me, stayed while I talked to the police, took home groceries, and still made dinner because we had company over that evening.  He proves time and time again to be my calm rock in the storm.)

I also have been jumping through hoops to get sinus surgery scheduled.  To no one's surprise, insurance isn't being super cooperative and I'll be left with a large co-pay.  I just want to breathe correctly, I don't think that's too much to ask. 

Chloe also had to have blood work, was diagnosed with kidney disease, and had to have her teeth cleaned (meaning she was sedated and at the vet all day).  She's switched to a new diet and doing fine now, but I was a wreck for a few days.  I don't care what people say, fur babies are family.

But let's hop back to the goals I set a few weeks ago and see how things panned out. 

Goal 1:
Have the house totally cleaned for when my mom, bro, and his gf come up for my bridal shower...(read full post {here}).

Yup!  (Minus the garage and part of the pantry.)   Calling this one a success! 

Look how great our guest bedroom looks:

My goal is to keep it this way!

Goal 2:
Finish Wonder...

I didn't start the book.  I plan to!  I'll have lots of down time when I'm healing from sinus surgery in the next few weeks.

Goal 3:
Finish the Office...

After family left today (and I enjoyed a nice nap), we watched a few episodes.  Okay, it was a several hour Netflix marathon, but I did laundry during it!  We are on the final season, so we are close.  I've got Arrow & Agents of Shield on my queue and have heard great things about Stranger Things (on Netflix).  

Goal 4:
Try new recipes...

{These} BBQ chicken sliders were delicious! We left off the parsley...because I forgot to buy some at the store.  We also had a couple friend over and B grilled black bean veggie burgers and spicy vegetarian burgers.   

We also checked out the {Bad Owl} cafe today and I had a wizard melt (grilled cheese) but left the avocado on.  This was a big step for me.

Also, if you're ever in the Henderson area, I highly recommend this place! 

Goal 5:
Attend my bridal shower...

I was at a loss for words, which is quite the feat.  My bridesmaids, future MIL, and her friends truly outdid themselves.  Not everyone was able to attend (life happens), but I felt loved and spoiled.  My shower was absolutely perfect, but more on that later!

Goal 6:
Set up my new phone...

Minus a few apps that I need to remember my passwords for, I'd say I'm pretty good.  We also helped my mom set up her new phone today and she's been having lots of fun with it.

Goal 7:
Finish most of the long range plans....

We had another planning session that was cut short by Mrs. H's kids.  She's coming over Tuesday morning and I plan to spend some time tomorrow thinking about the first week of school.  Again, good progress considering it's summer break.

Goal 8:

Send out birthday cards in a timely manner...

Success!  Ones that needed to be mailed have been mailed!  His mom's is sealed and her birthday is at the end of August, so I feel super on top of things.  I even have all of the supplies to make her gift (a front door wreath), so that will be happening before I go back to work.

A sneak peek of the upcoming project:

Goal 9:

We went twice last week and have a gym date planned for this Tuesday!  Plus I pushed a super heavy cart around Costco, so that counts for something!

Goal 10:
Finish going through our junk mail...

Another victory! I haven't shredded everything that needs to be destroyed, nor have I filed all our documents in the filing cabinet, but there was still a major pile that was demolished.  Who says Netflix binges can't be productive?

Goal 11:
Be more consistent with my small businesses...

I held a flash sale (to help pay for car expenses) and it went really well! I'm blessed to have friends that are supportive (and who also like make up).

I'm looking forward to doing a back to school make over session with friends.  I can also use nasal surgery as an opportunity to showcase how great the concealer is at covering the black eyes I will most likely accrue! (Always gotta find that silver lining!)

Goal 12:
Help my momma with her new phone...

 I jumped ship and shared this earlier...oops! She loves her new phone so yay!

Goal 13:

Surprisingly, I did not take as many naps as I would have liked! Good thing I have this week to make up for it.

Despite the major hiccups with my car and my faulty nose, the end of July shaped up to be a pretty great month.  I had friend time on multiple occasions, got a nice walk with Waffles in, bought new bulletin board fabric and bins for my classroom (on a day when everything was 25% off for teachers at Joann's!), got my 31 order (and the bags are super cute!) and was spoiled at my bridal shower.

August, we're starting on a high note and I'd like to keep it that way!

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