Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's that day...

The most heartbreaking part of classroom clean up is when my students have to turn back in books, even if they aren't done reading them.

I wish I could let them keep their beloved books, but I have to be practical.  I don't have unlimited funds to keep replenishing my library...so they have to give the books back.  Even if they aren't done.

I'm only missing four books, which is pretty impressive. I'm hoping these books find their way back to my classroom tomorrow.

But before I collected back my books, I handed out a simple sheet with the words: "books I want to read this summer".

I had them create their lists of what they wanted to read (or finish reading) over the summer.  

They then shared their lists with each other.  I also shared my list with them.

On the reverse side, I had them write down their other summer goals.  

What do you do on the last week of school?

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