Friday, June 26, 2015

Art Night

I love new ideas! 

Yesterday, while waiting to get LASIK (more on that later), I stumbled upon a great idea in a parenting magazine. My reading choices were limited but I'm glad I picked up that issue.

In it, a mom was discussing fundraising ideas for her child's school.  Many of them we already do (collecting box tops, asking for classroom donations, hosting movie nights) but one of them was new:
 I'm super excited to bring this idea up with my art teacher and Sunshine committee.  The article suggested charging admission, but I think it should be free for families to come into our school.  Families would walk around and see students' art displays.  Choir could perform.  Student council members could lead tours and act as ambassadors.

As a school, we could charge for "wine" (grape and apple juice) as well as cheese and crackers to make it more like an official art night.

Perhaps works of art could be auctioned off to benefit our school.  We could also sell ceramic tiles that families could paint to use in a new school mural.  

I envision something like this:

I'm hoping I get the green light from admin and that others are on board! 

What fundraisers does your school do?

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