Sunday, June 7, 2015

summer goals

It's the first Sunday night in a long, long time that I haven't had the Sunday night blues.  As of ten am on Friday, I am officially on summer break!

So far I've had a great shopping spree (lots of cute house things from Marshall's and TJ Maxx), hosted a going away party for a friend (she's off to Turkey for six weeks), and completely cleaned the house (which was not fun!).  Today we went out for lunch after I had a glorious nap and caught up on some scrapbooking.  I do have to set my alarm tomorrow for a doctor's appointment, but I'm pretty excited for some down time. 

Summer goals:

1) Organize the pantry.
I was super ambitious and got this done last week.  I used binder clips and adhesive labels (because as a teacher, I just have those things in bulk).  Tada!

2) Restain the bathroom cabinets.

 Again, super ambitious last weekend.  Read more about the painting process {here}.

3) Organize the master closet.  In my frantic search for my swimsuit last week, I kind of turned it into a hot mess.  So tomorrow it will be dealt with.

4) Lasik. I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow.  I'm excited and a little nervous.  

5) Read, for fun.  Some new novels will be posted on TpT, but I'm excited to conquer my "to read" pile...while enjoying pajama days.

6) Visit family.  We've got a trip to see my mom, brother, and his girlfriend coming up soon and I'm excited for family time!

7) Adopt a puppy.  Yup, we're expanding our family by four paws!

We'll be adopting from a shelter on Saturday, June 20th.  We both wanted to be home for the pup's first 48 hours to help her (and the cats) adjust.  

8) DENSI, 2015.  Plus I'm extending my trip by a few days to have time with my bestie in one of our favorite cities!  

9) Prep some lessons for next year.  We have our long range plans done (yay) but I want to spend some time diving into language standards to create mini-lessons.  I also want to look at my phonics plans for the year.  Luckily the other inclusion teacher, Mrs. H, is about ten minutes away and totally willing to have brunch planning dates!

10) Plan ideas for Sunshine committee for next year.  I'm really excited to be working with Mrs. S on this social, party planning committee because she's a super awesome person and has lots of great ideas.  Plus I get to be crafty and procrastinate without guilt because it'll be for school :)

11) Finish some DIY projects.  I adopted some wire bins from the sacred teacher give away table in the lounge, but I don't like the colors.  So I bought these:

I'm excited to give them new life with a fresh coat of sparkling, pink paint!

12) Try new recipes.  I've pinned a lot, but haven't made them.  I'm also going to build the healthy habit of doing more meal prep on Sundays and having healthy snacks easily available.

13)  Continuing with the trend in number twelve, I'm going to focus on building healthy habits.  I need to take vitamins on a daily basis, so the summer is a good time to get these habits in place.  I also want to spend more time walking, which will be a necessity with a new pup.

14) Spend time with friends.  Spend time with B. Have adventures.

15) Continue learning.  In addition to DENSI, I have 2 days of reading training this month and a three day math training in August.  I love learning and hope I learn some effective new strategies to use with my munchkins! 

16) Get caught up on blog posts.  Taking a class at the end of the year really put me behind on blogging.  I've got a good two dozen half-way done teaching stay tuned!

I realize that summers off are a luxury.  I don't have kids yet (that's still a few years away), so I'd like to use this time to develop some solid teaching materials that will then simply need to be tweaked in upcoming years.

What are your summer plans?

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