Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Wrap Up

It's a little baffling to realize that it's the end of June.  It's been a very hectic month, so let's recap!

  • I wrapped up my sixth year teaching and my first year at my new school.  The end of the year was a bit anti-climactic.  No one cried.  I just got a few hugs and one thank you card. With all the frustrating choices about six of my students made, I think their negativity just rubbed off on everyone.  I'm hoping next year is better!
  • I had six trainings.  Some were useful. Some were not.
  • I had LASIK.  I'm still recovering from that, which means lots of eye drops (and naps).
  • We took a weekend trip to see my family in Arizona.  We went to Old Tucson, saw Jurassic World, and had some nice family time.
  • I had some girl time.  Between Starbucks lunch dates, dinners, and dancing, I had friend time and it was great for my soul.
  • I worked on plans for DENSI 2015 next month and the best friend time that follows!
  • I worked on a book. I hope to be done with it by this weekend!
  • I had baby time :)  I saw my nephew and two of my coworkers' newborns.  So cute!
  • We had my niece's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. B was just as excited as the six year olds.
  • I hosted my first Jamberry fundraiser for a friend's kiddo.  I was able to help her raise $80 toward her cheer and choir expenses. 
  • Oh yeah, and we adopted a puppy! She's a handful!

Luckily July looks a little less busy!  On the docket is vet appointments for all three fur babies. I've got an in house pa-JAM-a party (Jamberry nails and brunch), and more reading.  Plus ten days in Washington DC :)  

August brings another two weeks of relaxation before it's back to work with three days of math training before I'm "officially back".

I may need a summer break to recover from my summer!

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