Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Currently in June

I borrowed the idea for this blog post from Bailey at Brave Love, which is a super fun blog that you should also follow :)

Reading... The House of Hades by Rick Riordan. I'm embarrassed with how long it's taken me to get through this book, especially since he's one of my favorite YA authors!

Playing... catch up on various tasks before the weekend.

Watching... Netflix! I'm dying to watch the next episode of Arrow (we're on season 1), but it's a show I'm watching with B and I can't go ahead of him on Netflix episodes.  That's relationship treason.

Trying... to reflect on the school year and learn from my experiences.  This year was challenging with adjusting to a new school, new team, and new expectations.  Next year will be better.

Cooking... in the crockpot.  

Eating... healthier, or at least trying to!  We're going out of town this weekend but next week I'm going to get better at meal planning!

Drinking... water, water, water. I have a pretty glass water bottle and am trying the whole put fruit in the water to make it taste better plan.  

Calling... no one. I need a phone date with my BFF, but her being 3 hours ahead makes it difficult!

Texting... with a friend about a Starbucks date tomorrow.  I've got a training until noon, so we're meeting after.  Plus she's bringing her eight week old son, who is adorable and totally not helping my baby fever!

Pinning... all the things. A majority of them are about my classroom or my upcoming wedding.  No ring yet, but when he makes comments about groomsmen's gifts and how he wants to coach our future kids' soccer teams, I'm pretty sure it's a done deal.

Tweeting... about DENSI 2015. I can't wait to spend a week in DC.

Going... back to my mom's tomorrow! We're doing some touristy things and celebrating my brother's gf's birthday.

Loving... naps.  No shame. I take a nap whenever possible. I'm also very excited about the art piece I found at Marshall's (pictured above).  It goes quite well with our decor, includes my favorite flowers, and will start our family gallery wall.  My favorite part? The words are lyrics from one of the songs that will be in our wedding.  Oh, and it was on sale.  Winning all around!

Hating... lack of communication and surprises in terms of the school district.  But hate is such a strong, ugly word.  My emotions more align with the moderately irritated, not hate realm.

Discovering... balance.  Balance between my social life, down time, relationship time, and work time. I'm taking more time for me and doing more healthy things, which hopefully will pay off.

Thinking... about exciting life changes that are ahead.  Specifically Lasik surgery and a puppy this month!

Feeling... creative.  I just finished a small craft project for my classroom and I'm waiting for a friend to return from her trip so I can get my glue gun back.  I refuse to buy a third glue gun in twelve months! No idea where the first one went and her munchkin has my second.

Hoping (for)... clarity, reflection, honesty, and bravery.  Ready for fresh revelations and adventures!

Listening (to)... the dryer. B is at class, the fur balls are asleep, and it's blissfully quiet at home.  

Celebrating... learning.  I'm taking a few summer classes to learn more strategies to help with my students.  Plus they're paid, which helps!

Smelling... nothing. Thank you allergies.

Thanking... B for being supportive.  Considering we just bought a security door and a new dishwasher, plus I paid for a flight to DC (I'll be reimbursed in the fall) and we're adopting a puppy, it wasn't the best time financially for me to get lasik.  However, summer break means I don't have to take time off of work to recover and it's a good time physically for the surgery.  He's supportive of this, even if he refuses to watch the procedure.  I'm also thankful of my dear friend M, since she's watching the fur babies while we're gone. I appreciate you both!

Considering... how to move forward with a few of my dreams. I want to do it all!

Starting... to pack for tomorrow's trip.  So far I have pictures for my momma, a birthday gift for L, and a pair of yoga pants.  I may need a little more than that!

Finishing... this blog post! I think I may include "currently..." lists monthly in the future.

What are YOU up to currently?

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