Saturday, May 23, 2015

Not the wisest choice...

I frequently need to remind myself that I can do anything, but not everything.

This slipped my mind when I thought the end of the school year was a good time to sign up for another graduate school class.  I already have my master's degree in education and am quite close to finishing up my post master's thirty two credits.

A technology class was offered through UNLV and our school district, so I thought, why not?

3 credit hours in four weeks didn't seem like that big of a deal.  I signed up along with my partner teacher, Mrs. H.  If nothing else, we could rely on each other for motivation.

However, then we went to our grade level planning meeting and realized all the expectations for the end of the year.  So we decided to lock our doors to minimize pre-work distractions, make a plan, and crank out the eight projects and papers required for this class.

By sheer motivation, copious amounts of caffeine, and lots of early mornings, we finished our three credit graduate class.  Not in the four weeks we were allotted, but in twelve days.  Yes, twelve days. 

So that, dear readers, is the main reason for the lack of posts in May.  Graduate class got in the way and I had to prioritize: sleep, work, grad school. Everything else just fell off my plate for that crazy two weeks. I'm steadily playing catch up with all the great things I have to share on my blog, so please be patient.  However, report cards are due Friday and I still have some grading to do...eight days til summer!  

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