Saturday, May 23, 2015

ABCs, part two

The cuteness of my school continues.

As I previously shared, we are in the middle of an ABC themed count down until the end of the school year.

My students hare having a wonderful time with the spirit days.

Inside out day!  We wore our clothes inside out.

Joke day!  They shared all their silly jokes with one another.

Kickback day!  Also known as the teachers get to wear yoga pants and it's amazing.

Lollipop day.  They could bring in suckers and eat them during independent reading.

Mismatch day.  I had an important meeting after school that day (more on that later), so I needed to look presentable.  I did wear brown flats with a black sweater, which felt mismatched.  

Neon day.  Surprisingly this was mostly students participating.  As an adult, I do not own a lot of neon items.  I am also completely okay with this.

Octopus day.  They read fun facts about octopi.  That was really it.

Pajama day.  This day was glorious.

Quiet day.  Another glorious day that coincided with online standardized testing (Discovery Education, not SBAC.)

Red and read day.  Wear red, read a lot,

The next two weeks will bring the remaining letters of S-Z.

What fun traditions does your school have for the end of the year? 

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