Friday, May 29, 2015

Alphabet Count Down, part 3

Ah, the end of the school year.  Today was our last Friday of the school year with students.  It was an interesting day, complete with a dunk tank (but more on that later).  

We are almost done with our alphabet count down to the end of the year, which you can read more about {here}.  Our spirit days continue!

S:  Tuesday brought stuffed animal day!  Several of my students brought in their stuffed toys and read with them.  

T: Twin day!  My colleague Mrs. H and I rocked the twin look with gray school shirts and yoga pants. Any day with yoga pants is a great day!

U: Uniform Day.  Many of my students wore sports jerseys.  I wore one of my brother's old hockey jerseys (with our last name on the back) and once again, yoga pants.

V: Video day.  We watched a Magic School Bus video on gravity between all of our Reading Ranger celebrations. I'm so glad we've got Discovery Education to stream videos!

Next week, our last week, brings letters W-Z!

W: Watermelon day.  I'm not entirely sure what this day will bring, especially since I'm not a huge fan of watermelon...perhaps snacks in the lunch room?

X: X-tra recess day! We'll take it early in the morning before the weather is triple digits.

Y: Yellow day.  Students are supposed to wear yellow, but it's also my students' dressy graduation day and well, yellow doesn't look good on everyone.

Z:  Zero days left.  This day will be a half-day, filled with a BBQ and a morning at the pool across the street.  

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