Saturday, May 2, 2015


Once again I find myself appreciating the cute, fun culture of my new school. With the school year winding down, we are doing an ABC count down until the end of the year.  Each day is a different themed spirit day!

Here's a recap of what we've done and what's coming up next week!

A day: Art Day

To be fair, we started calling the day ancient day because none of the computers wanted to connect to the server!  

I talked to my students about how book covers sometimes change over time.  We looked at examples (Hatchet, the River) and non-examples (Number the Stars).  

We talked about the different emotions that were evoked by the illustrations and which book cover would be the most appealing to read.  

I then had them redesign the covers of their favorite novels.  They had such a great time with our craft project and it was nice to be able to integrate reading and art!

B day: Beach Day

Students brought in beach towels and we enjoyed reading outside!  Granted, it's close to 100 degrees outside, so our reading time didn't last too long.

My students were super excited about my towel choice:


C day: Crazy Hair Day 

I babysat my nephew and niece the night before, so it was rough getting up this morning so I passed on the spirit day.  I also had an IEP, so that was my excuse with my colleagues. A few of my students really went all out and it was great to see how excited they were!

Next week will bring...

Disney Day
Exercise Day
Fruit Day
Geography Day
Hat Day

I'm not sure what I'll do for Disney day yet.  We'll be doing some brain breaks and stretching for exercise day.  Fruit day may involve a potluck.  Geography day will not only include learning about the Southern Region, but also Google Earth explorations as well!  Hat day is self explanatory and perhaps the day my boys are most excited about!

What fun end of year activities does your school do? 

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