Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 2

It's been a long four day week.

A long, emotional four day week.

Change is inevitable, but it's always hard adjusting to new rhythms and schedules.  We have new administration and about a dozen new staff members at our elementary site, so we are a work in progress.

Wednesday was rough.  We still need to work on listening and how to communicate with one another in a kind manner.  We'll get there, I have faith in my students.  We just needed some seat switches :)

Yesterday was better.  My kids did a much better job at collaborating and I did a much better job at rewarding positive praise to the students who were consistently on task and helpful.

After school and after meetings, we worked as a grade level to group students.  We had to factor in GATE/TAGS (advanced students) because they can't miss math twice a week, so they all have to be in my afternoon reading block.  They also have to be in the same groups so they miss stations/centers and not group meetings.  Then we factored in students that need additional academic support and split them into co-taught classrooms for math and small group reading.  We then put in the students in RTI, who are receiving interventions to fill their learning gaps before middle school.  We then sorted the rest and cross checked our lists against class rosters.

I got home at 7:30.  I left for work at 5:20 that morning.

Then I had to grade beginning of the year diagnostics.

Whoever said teachers have it easy are seriously mistaken!

I apologize to readers (ok, mom) for the lack of posts this week.  I have some great new anchor charts to post and stories of students' success but it's time to head to work!  TGIF :)

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