Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thank you!

I had a little bit of a rough day.  Our entire team had substitute teachers so we could administer AIMSweb RCBM benchmarking (oral reading fluency) and give the CORE test to students to see where they break down with phonics. 

It was also the second day of switching, so we are still working on procedures.

The students didn't make the best choices behavior wise and the substitutes didn't quite follow the lesson plans we left.  

Afterwards, we discussed as a grade level some switching that needed to occur between reading rooms based on student data and the next thing we knew, it was five pm.

Exhausted, I packed up my crate of things to work on this evening.  Tomorrow is open house, which means another late night.

However, I got home and received an email from donor's choose telling me another project had been fully funded.

This put things into perspective for me.

I am so grateful that I have supporters both near and far who are willing to help my students.  Whether it's classroom parents who donate extra supplies to corporations to strangers to family members and friends, I appreciate you all.  

Thank you for believing in me, but more importantly, in my students.

Thank you, Elder AWE, for supporting my students and donating to my project about copies of the amazing novel Tuck Everlasting.  

Thank you to Cynthia, Judy, Laurie and Kia motors for supporting my latest project on vocabulary centers and other resources for my classroom.  With my double dose of small group reading, I had to prepare for twelve different groups!  Your support makes this possible and I'm excited for trying out our new vocabulary centers with my students.

Thank you to my blog viewers, to my TpT supporters and to my fellow teachers who can always offer a kind smile or words of encouragement.  

Thank you all for reminding me about the joy in teaching.

-Ms. Vice

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