Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bulletin Board

We had our first bulletin boards due yesterday.

It felt like a little bit of a time crunch because we'd only been in school for nine days and those days were jammed packed with classroom norms, procedures, computer benchmark tests, AIMSweb tests, meet the coaches lesson, meet the counselor lesson and an assembly or two.

As a grade level, we decided to do something with syllable types because it's what we've been focusing on and it's part of our standards (RF 5.3a to be exact!).

We had the students break their own names apart by syllables and create a foldable.  Their names were on the outside and you can flip up to see what type of syllable it is and how they know.  Underneath, they wrote justifications of how syllables help them to read "big scary words" and help with spelling.  

This perfectly aligns with the wordle we made when we analyzed our weaknesses in writing last week.

For students' privacy, I won't post a picture of their names but it's half of our bulletin board.

We are continuing to learn about syllables next week but I had some of the students with a solid grasp on syllables break apart unknown words.  I chose upcoming vocabulary words for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief so there would be a connection with our read aloud.

They worked in teams to break apart the multisyllabic words, identify the syllables and write how the syllables help them with the words.

And tada, part of my bulletin board!

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