Saturday, September 7, 2013

favorite moment so far

Fifth graders are precious, hyper-observant individuals.

They notice when you cut your hair or paint your nails.  They notice if you have new shoes (or at least new to them).  They notice if you aren't wearing a wedding ring.

I'm not married.  Someday, sure.  Just not yet.  

One noticed and commented.  Here was our chat:

Student A: "Ms. Vice, are you married?"

Me: "Nope.  See, no ring, not married."

Student A: "Why not? Teachers are supposed to be married. And you're too pretty not to be married. Are you single?"

I paused.  I'm not single. I have a wonderful boyfriend who always lets me know when Harry Potter marathons are on the Disney channel and offers to help grade. He's a keeper for sure. But no, we aren't married.  But it's not something I'm going to discuss with thirty eager fifth graders.  I'll tell them about my pets.  I'll tell them that I'm friends with the other teachers and about some of our weekend adventures (movies, dancing, dinner).  But I'm not talking about them. 

 I paused, stalling for time.  I had sixty eager eyes awaiting my response.   Luckily, I was saved by another student:

Student B (cousin of student A): "dude, I'm sure she has a boyfriend. Stay out of her love life.  And get back to work."

On that note, I just smiled and walked away.  I love my job.

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