Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Photography Challenge, Days 3 & 4

I've been consistent with posting to social media each day, but since I don't blog from my phone, this sometimes gets forgotten. I'm working on it.

For April's photography challenge,

Here are days 3 and 4.

Day 3 

Yesterday was "shapes".  I chose to rock my new Carly (Lularoe dress) which I got for free for hosting an in home party.

The geometric shape design reminds me of a mermaid, which quite frankly was a huge selling point.  Additionally, I could wear a small, which was another boost for my ego.  (On a side note, I didn't win the biggest loser contest at work, but I did lose ten pounds and am continuing with the small tweaks I've made to my diet.)

I'm also rocking my new {Younique} lipstain in speechless.  It's got an orange-nude tone and I like it!

While it gets a tad annoying to have to wash all my Lularoe items on delicate, the fabrics are incredibly soft and it's like wearing pajamas to work...except it's socially appropriate.  As the weather heats up, I'll be continuing to wear a lot of dresses to work.  Plus it was a Monday, and new clothes seem to make Mondays go a little better.

Day 4

I actually snapped tomorrow's picture today too, so don't mind the matching outfit.  Day 4 was "good together".  

I've got some awesome parents this year and it seemed like the perfect time to brag about them.  Between sending in extra supplies, making sure we're stocked for class parties, chaperoning field trips, donating to our {donors choose} projects, or sending our class post cards from their vacations, I've got some great support this year.

This post card is from one of my most supportive parents.  Her and her fiancee went on an amazing South American adventure and sent us post cards from their journey!  This one has a stamp from "the end of the world" which is pretty cool.  Not only does it help us feel connected to others, but it provided an awesome authentic moment to do a geography lesson.

But that turned into a lesson on how the hemispheres have opposite seasons due to the earth's tilt.  Which then turned into a lesson on the inner and outer planets.  Then one of my students brought up Pluto and it's declassification as a planet, so then we had that discussion.  Naturally, astronauts came up next...and that's just sometimes how learning unfolds in my classroom.

I so desperately wanted to show them this,

but realized it would be highly inappropriate.  #thestruggleisreal

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