Saturday, April 15, 2017

New progress

As a pinterest-loving teacher, the idea of these doodles on the board every morning is inspiring...

...and for me, unrealistic.  I'd do this for maybe a week, then have an emergency meeting, forget to do this, and be sassed by the little ones.  

For those teachers that can manage to not only have a clean board space every morning, but create these elaborate doodles, hats off to you!  I am not this teacher.

Plus, the sheer amount of post-it's we'd go through if I did this weekly makes me cringe.

But, I love this idea.  I think it'd go a long way towards promoting a classroom culture where sharing is encouraged.  It'd be an easy way to get them writing in the morning because I plan to have a special journal just for these warm ups.  At my school, we serve universal breakfast, so this could be their activity while I call tables for food.  After I've gone through the class roster, they would have the opportunity to share their ideas with their tables.  Depending on time, I could also have class volunteers.

Not only would this get them thinking, talking, and sharing first thing in the morning, it would have the second benefit of encouraging on time attendance.  Tardy students would get to hear the conversations, but not participate if their journals aren't done first. 

So some time earlier this week, when I was having trouble sleeping, I decided to start this product.  I'm making a power point with daily prompts.  A ppt, created in advance, eliminates a majority of my time management issue with creating the prompts.  Furthermore, I can display this on my smartboard (which is always clean). 

I'm making this product for my classroom (upper elementary) and based on our school 
calendar (180 days).  Since it's a ppt, it will be completely editable for purchasers.  I'm through the middle of October (it's a labor of love), but here are some sneak peeks:

Stay tuned! I only have 140 days to go...

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