Thursday, April 13, 2017

Photography Catch Up

Day 11: Three of a Kind

Tying in with national pet day, I used this day to promote pet adoptions by posting glamour shots of my three fur babies.

I also posted their pictures on the adoption agencies (Happy Home Animal Sanctuary and Adopt a Rescue Pet) where we found them to show how loved they are.

I know some of my friends have purchased pets from breeders and that's their choice.  However, with how full animal shelters are, I can't make that choice.

Day 12: On My Left

In the very limited amount of time I spent outside, my sinus infection has returned.  I'm just really, really sick of being sick.

(On the bright side, I scored a light purple mask this time!)

I went back to the doctor, got another round of medication, and have been hibernating for the past few days to try to shake this off.

On my left, my beautiful nurse.

She's very quick to steal my heating pad.  She's great like that.

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