Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Favorite Time of Day (Day 10 of April's Photography Challenge)

On social media, I uploaded a quick video of my very excited puppy when she learned we were going for a walk.  It's definitely her favorite part of the day.

This, however, was not my favorite part:

I'm renewing my teacher license and getting a lot of conflicting information from the school district and the state department of education.  I drove 20 minutes to get finger printed, only to discover that finger prints must be done after I turn in transcripts to the department of education.  However, the state department of education lists bringing the finger prints and transcripts in when turning in paperwork, thus the conundrum.

Finding myself with extra time to kill, I visited Starbucks before a doctor's appointment.  I made the healthy choice to get an egg white sandwich, but it was entirely unsatisfying and I should have just gotten the blueberry muffin.

The rest of the day went fairly smoothly. I found some cute deals at Home Goods and got one of my favorite two year old's his birthday gift (a basket and different types of balls).  I had lunch with his aunt and cousin to plan a 90th birthday party, and then happily enjoyed a nap.

I've tabled the license situation until June.  I refuse to take a sick day to deal with the licensing department and I've got until the end of August.

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