Sunday, April 9, 2017

A wonderful wedding!

Day 8 of April's photography challenge focused on hobbies.

I like event planning. I like hearing about other's plans for their weddings and acting as a sounding board.

My dear friend, Ms. S, got married yesterday.  I hosted her work bridal shower, went to her friends/family bridal shower, and of course went to her wedding.

Her work bridal shower:

Full disclosure: I do not make the cakes, I simply enjoy eating a slice.  

My tasks are decorating (which usually involves wandering around my home and bringing things in), buying supplies (cutlery, drinks, table cloths, etc), and running the event.  I'm fortunate enough to have awesome coworkers who take pictures, slice up the cake, and make lists for thank you cards (if I'm unable to).  

She had a wonderful time, felt loved, and even brought donuts the next day.  However, I somehow missed the memo and didn't get a donut (boo!).

Her wedding:

We arrived a little early and found seats on her side.  We were served champagne before the ceremony which was an awesome touch.  

(I was sad when the champagne was gone.)

They had a small, intimate wedding party.  Her brother was a bridesman and her sister served as a stunning MOH:

(That dress! I want to just wear it somewhere fancy.)

Her dad walked her down the aisle and I immediately began the first of many "pretty crying" moments.

The ceremony was playful and romantic.  They both teared up during their vows, which made me cry.

While they went off to take pictures, we enjoyed cocktail hour with signature cocktails and passed buffalo chicken won tons.

 (Gorgeous flowers)

(We found our table numbers based on our champagne glasses.  We were at table ten. We had a very good time.)

(They enlarged one of their engagement pictures to serve as the guest book.  We all signed in the white space around them.  Now they have a gorgeous piece of art to hang on their wall and remind them of their wedding day.)

(Not to worry, I enjoyed several of the signature cocktails throughout the night!)

(We found the bride and groom during cocktail hour!)

(Gorgeous table decor.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but the poker chips were personalized with their faces and their wedding date.  What a fun, whimsical touch!)

(Their delicious wedding cake that told the story of their relationship.)

(Their head table, right off the dance floor.)

They had a caricature artist on site, which was a super fun unique touch and made for some awesome favors.

There was an open bar, delicious food, and a photo booth.  The couple had a wonderful time and we definitely danced, a lot.

(We each got a piece, so we got to sample both flavors!)

(Table ten was full of shenangians.)

(Group selfie! Janel, the bride, and the MOH)

Back to our photography challenge...I stated that my hobbies include celebrating others, drinking, and taking selfies with others.  Needless to say, mission accomplished!

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