Saturday, April 8, 2017

Photography Challenge (Catch Up) and the start of Spring Break

At precisely 3:31 pm yesterday, Spring Break started.  At 3:40, I was in my car.  By 3:53, I had a tall Blue Moon in front of me and four giggly coworkers in our booth at PT's for girls' night.

#feedyoursoul #ladytribe

Glorious, glorious decisions.  I'd like to brag and say we had a wild night, but I was in pajamas by 7 pm and out by 8.  It'd be a long week!

Photography Challenge Recap

Day 5: "Not Mine"

Technically I took this picture on day 4, but saved it for Wednesday.  Tuesday was my work wife's birthday, so I snuck into her classroom before she got there and decorated on behalf of the grade level.  

I did get caught by two other teachers, so I'm clearly not up on my ninja skills.

She felt loved and valued, so that's what matters. 

Day 6: "Spring Is In The Air"

Spring means my allergies are a mess.  We are dealing with some epic winds and drastic temperature changes, which doesn't help.  I'm on a daily decongestant, nasal steroid, and Allegra to keep things contained.

I also frequently wear a face mask while outside, so I decided to have a glamour shoot with my mask.  It's my favorite accessory to any spring day.

Day 7: "Where I'd Rather Be"

First, my bed. We have a new bed and I love naps.  

Second, I wanted to be at happy hour.  As posted above, we made that happen pretty much as soon as possible after work ended.

Third, I want to be on my honeymoon!

In July, the hubs and I are off on a grand adventure.  We'll be visiting some friends in Florida, going to Harry Potter World, and then off to an island resort in the Dutch Caribbean for a week of relaxing and outdoor adventures.  The fur babies will be staying with my momma.  We'll be back in town for a few days before both of us have to return to work.

Day 8: "Hobbies"

One of my hobbies is getting dressed up with my hubby and celebrating.  Tonight we're celebrating a fellow teacher's wedding.  She's one of the kindest people and we're thrilled to get to share in her special day.  We are sharing a table with some other fun coworkers and there's an open bar, so two other hobbies (drinking and selfies) will also be occurring!  

I've cleaned out my phone for the night so Facebook will be filled with pictures tomorrow!

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