Sunday, June 25, 2017

Weeks 2 and 3

With my staycation in Arizona winding down, I'm not really sorry about not accomplishing all my summer goals in a timely manner.

B was supposed to be on a work trip to Texas when I planned this staycation (and birthday celebration for my bro's gf).  However, that got cancelled but he insisted I still take my mini-trip (but without the pets).

So for the past week(ish), I've been shopping, napping, eating out, watching movies, and lounging about with my family.   It's been lovely.  We're spending my last full day here doing brunch at home to celebrate a birthday, then my mom and I will visit Marshall's and Joann's.  

Next month, the hubs and I will be going on our island honeymoon and after a discussion he now realizes he does in fact need flip flops/sandals for the beach.  Thus, the Marshall's trip.  

My mom is also looking forward to launching her quilting Etsy shop later this year (stay tuned), so we've got some props to buy (for staging the quilt) and banner colors to look at (for the photography set).  She's visited the postal store to look at her shipping options.

I've also {crafted} and continued to work on Teach Like a Pirate, although it's not a book I can just breeze through because I stop and jot down ideas about what I want to do next year in my classroom.  (Again, the whole sparking ideas thing might just be the point of the book.)

I'll be driving back super early tomorrow morning to beat the heat.

The rest of the week is devoted to:

1) Picking up my mom's wedding album from Costco

2) Finalizing honeymoon details

3) Cleaning and painting our built ins

4) Two different planning meetings with friends.  One is for her son's sixteenth birthday, the other is for a baby shower in Sept. I'm easily bribed with food.

5) A coworker's birthday BBQ

6) Finishing Teach Like a Pirate

7) Oil changes on both vehicles, plus a brake change for the truck

8) Cleaning out the Sunshine closet at work

9) Manning the library for 2 hours.  Our principal has opened up the library for students to come visit on summer break. I sent out the message on class dojo because I'm hopeful some of my students will come with their younger siblings (my future students)

10) Perhaps getting around  to fixing the format of this blog.  Sadly, adventures in fifth is no longer relevant.

11) Following ITSE posts from a distance.  Maybe one year I'll apply...

12) Posting the morning messages PPT on TpT

13) Continue to work on The Dark Prophecy

I'm exhausted just looking at this list.  

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