Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's Summer, Now What?

I'm still not done with the rather lengthy end of the year post, but I am officially on summer break.  After the delight of moving classrooms (NOT), I checked out of my (old) classroom at 10:38 on Friday morning.  

I went home, had a Blue Moon to celebrate, then took a nap.  I clearly know how to celebrate!  Later I went to Target and then met up with part of my (former) grade level for a celebratory dinner.  Since we'd already had a celebratory breakfast together at IHOP, it seemed like a pleasant way to end the day.

Now, you might think that I got to sleep in and relax for that first Saturday of the summer, but nope.

See, that lovely husband of mine graduated from college last weekend.  

So yesterday, the first day of break, I threw him a graduation party at his parents' house for 40 of his closest friends.  Truly, the timing couldn't have been worse with all the chaos and emotions from the end of the year, but I didn't want the event to go unnoticed.  We also have our niece's birthday, a baby shower, and father's day next weekend, so the 11th was truly my only option.

I had fun on pinterest looking up ideas, but ultimately most of the guests were in the garage playing beer pong.  At least the food was good (compliments of his parents) and the decor was festive (because that's my contribution).

Much to my mother's disappointment, I don't love baking (or being in the kitchen in general.  Sorry mom! I'm working on it.)  However, parties need some sort of dessert.  Since we'd already enjoyed a cookie cake with my family at his surprise grad party in May,

I wanted to do something similar.  I loved the idea of a cookie bar because now that he's a college grad, I can call him one smart cookie.

I went with University of Phoenix colors, which also happen to be the nearby high school's colors.  So, naturally, when I was buying party supplies, I was asked on several occasions if I was excited to graduate.  From high school. 

I had a hair appointment Saturday morning, but headed over afterwards to set up.  He had a lot of fun, which is what matters.  

We had his second cousin spend the night Saturday night on a whim.  She's sixteen and just needed some time away.  We've got a guest bedroom and she loves our puppy, so why not?

Today (Sunday) we had lunch with his aunt and uncle to simultaneously celebrate his graduation and their 40th wedding anniversary.  The afternoon consisted of a rather epic nap and getting ready for tomorrow's teaching conference.

Because yes, I thought it was a good idea to spend the first three days of summer break at a teacher conference.  

An unpaid conference.  From 8-5.  At a high school an hour away from my house.  For three days.


I am cautiously optimistic it will be a wonderful educational event where I pick up some valuable tips for next year.  I have my planner, my notebook, and a book in case I'm bored.  Luckily four other colleagues from my school are attending, so I'll have a seat buddy. 

It's summer, yet a teacher's work is never done!

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