Saturday, June 24, 2017

Creative Breaks

While I'm still digesting the information from Teach Like a Pirate, one of my big take aways was about preventing a professional and creative stalemate.  (For more feelings on being creative, read {here}.)

I've been in a bit of a professional stalemate, which is one of the reasons I'm super excited to move to third grade.  I've never had the desire to be one of those teachers with thirty years experience, but only in one grade level.  I'm looking forward to a new curriculum, getting to know a new team, continuing to mentor, and quite frankly, smaller class sizes (with smaller humans).

One of the things I'm excited to bring back to next year's classroom is pillows for my library.  I had them years ago, but fifth graders got a little inappropriate with them, so I discontinued their use.  Granted, not setting the appropriate boundaries was a rookie mistake (and I was a rookie teacher).  The entire class got punished for a few students' poor choices.  Again, rookie mistake.

So I had my mama turn some old school shirts into pillows for my classroom library:

We used a 16" x 16" pillow form from Joann's (and coupons, a teacher discount, and an {Ibotta rebate}, because I like to save money.  If you're new to Ibotta and would also like 10% back on Joann's in store purchases, sign up with my referral code: uvnspet  and happy savings).  It took her about twenty minutes to transform a clean shirt into a new classroom pillow.

While she was whipping up some pillows, I decided to create a new wreath for her door.

I snagged flowers on sale at Joann's, so the whole project was around $20 (and I still have flowers left over for the next project).

With the help of wire cutters and hot glue, I created this:

I used a {twig oval base} and two bouquets of {fake flowers} (from the heavily discounted spring section!)  Green is her favorite color and pink is mine, so the color selection was easy.

 I cut apart the flowers with wire cutters and used a hot glue gun to attach them right to the base.  Tomorrow I'll use floral wire to secure the flowers to the base to ensure gravity doesn't undo my crafting.

The final product:

Teachers need creative breaks too!

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