Monday, June 26, 2017


I can't remember the last time I made a 200 slide PPT, but my latest product is done and available {here}.  It's #218, which is a tad mind boggling to think about!

I originally created the product for my future third grade classroom.  I aligned it to our school's calendar for next year and included the vacation days.

(Not my planner, but you get the gist!)

However, upon further reflection, I realize this probably isn't super helpful for non-CCSD customers.  So I made a second, more generic version without specific calendar dates.  The revision itself only took about an hour due to the magical "save as" feature in PPT.

I bundled them together and posted the product on my {store}.  I'm excited to use them next year.  A third grade teacher at another school and a fourth grade teacher in my pod are also going to use them (and provide feedback).

My plan for this product is to cut down on the chaos during breakfast.  We have universal breakfast, which means all the students are eating breakfast.  My teaching role is to mark off who is eating, tally which milk they take, take attendance, collect notes, and greet the class within the first five minutes.  I figured by building in the routine of writing and then sharing, they'd have something to occupy their time.  I'll be calling tables over for breakfast and once all the tables have been called, then they will share their answers.

I'm hoping the consistent routine will help.  After we share, then I'll go over the daily schedule, have them toss their breakfast, do a number talk, and start our day.

Plus having the fun journal prompt first thing will hopefully encourage attendance.  Tardy students don't get to share their ideas.

I'll also use these as mini-writing prompts, character education lessons, math lessons (polls, graphs, data analysis), and opportunities for speaking/listening grades. 

What do you do for bell work?

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