Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Goals

Summer 2017 Plans:

Professional Growth and Responsibilities

1. Attend a 3 day Whole Brain Teaching conference (6/12-6/14)
This, unfortunately, became a one day adventure.  Read more {here}.

2.  Renew my teaching license (done 6/14, along with a name change with the state DOE and HR for CCSD)

3. Set up my new classroom early.  We report back the 9th, but I'm picking up my keys on August 3rd.  With a new classroom and a new grade level, I'm treating myself like a new teacher next year. 

4. Clean out the Sunshine (social club) closet.  We're going to use left over funds to purchase some table cloths for future events (so we don't have to keep buying disposable plastic ones).  We also have the goal of buying a Keriug and setting up a cafe table in the teacher's lounge.  We'd have creamer in the fridge and charge a dollar a K-cup.  I'd like to do a teacher survey first to make sure there's an interest in it before we spend a few hundred dollars on a whim.

5. Finish Your School Rocks So Tell People (completed 6/13/17), Teach Like a Pirate, and Ron Clark's Essential 55

Home Improvements

1. Finally stain the cabinets for the master bathroom.  We ripped out the medicine cabinets and had a carpenter build custom shelving to fit inside the wall holes.  I just need to stain them to match the rest of the cabinets:

When we're done, it will look like this (above).  I've already stained the rest of the bathroom cabinets (below).

They've been sitting in the garage for months waiting for me to find the time to stain them.  My goal is by the time we leave for our honeymoon in July. 

2. Clean out our master closet and donate unused items to charity.

3. Create a new wreath for the front door.  A friend posted this on instagram:

 PC: Andi Hunt (Instagram)

It'd be fairly easy (and cheap) to recreate.  Plus our front doors are similar colors, so I already know it will be match.

4. Touch up paint in our master bedroom and hallway.  After living here for three years, there are some scuff marks.

Friends & Family  

1. Host B's graduation party (check! 6/10/17)

2. Take all 3 pets to the vet for their yearly check ups (Waffles is scheduled for this week, cats are early July)

3. Help plan a baby shower for his second cousin.  She's due early October, so we're thinking Labor Day weekend.  They're fairly certain it's a girl and I'm pretty positive I've only planned baby boy showers (three of them?).

4. Help Katie make her wedding favors. She's getting married the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and I'm her day of wedding coordinator.  

5. Finish my mom's wedding book (it's almost done I promise!) and order our wedding pictures to put into the album.

Side Job Goals

1. Finish the Dark Prophecy and create the matching TpT guides

2.  Finish the partially completed projects for TpT.  I'm currently at 216 products.  I'd like to be at 250 at the end of the summer. 

I also plan to nap, a lot.

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