Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Has it really been a month?

October, for lack of a better word, was difficult.

Between changes at work and nailing down the last wedding details, I was overwhelmed.  Blogging became the last thing on my mind, which is unfortunate because it's therapeutic.  Thanks loyal readers for sticking with me while I was...

But I'm here and I'm back!

Instead of grouchily reflecting on the past, let's jump forward to November.

For the next twenty minutes or so, it's the first.  For many, that means the first day of the gratitude challenge.

Essentially, bloggers, instagrammers, snapchat-ers, and other social media do-ers, are challenged to find one thing each day to be grateful for.  

Today, the first of November, was rather easy.

1) My students were quite well behaved.  Halloween was on a Monday this year, which meant many of us were dreading the after effects on Tuesday.  

I had four students absent (two of which were pre-excused for doctor's appointments and funerals), meaning I had a cozy group of thirty one ten year olds.  While other classrooms dealt with the range of student emotions (sleep deprived zombies to sugar-fueled hellions), I had a relatively normal day.  We did math. We did some reading.  We talked about Greek and Latin roots. We set norms for debates and students argued about whether or not the US should continue using the penny.  We reviewed Newton's Laws of Motion and took our monthly STAR test data to determine growth on reading levels.  Sure, I came home exhausted, but that's because there are thirty one lively ten year olds for seven hours a day. Compared to the other horror stories I heard at lunch, I'm feeling super fortunate to have a normal day.

2)  We paid for the rest of our wedding.   Ten days guys, ten days.  I know that my credit card will be charged on the wedding day for the other half of the flowers as well as for the hotel rooms, but everything else was paid in full.

3) Our handy man came to do an estimate on a small bathroom remodel project.  We ripped out the outdated medicine cabinets (cough three years ago cough) and he's putting in floating shelves so it looks custom.  

Our "pinspiration":

He's getting started on it this week and it "won't be much".  He's employed with a handy man company (so he's licensed and insured), but does side jobs for teachers at a discount.  He's done a few other small house projects for us and even shows us the receipts as proof for what he charges for materials.  

What I'm not grateful for? Insomnia.  I sometimes (often) struggle to turn off my brain.  I graded papers. I read another chapter of a professional read (which can be dry at times).  I'm still wide awake, which is unfortunate because I have to help lead a presentation in 7 hours. 

What are you grateful for today?

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